Dr. Roman Linhart

Roman Linhart with thermosolar hive

Roman Linhart

Dr. Roman Linhart first trained as a Fruiterer and Beekeeper Apprentice at a Vocational  Agricultural School Nasavrky. Then he worked as a professional beekeeper for Sempra Company in Hermanuv Mestec, in the field of pollination of Brassicaceae and ornamental bulbous plants. After graduation he continued to study landscaping, which lead him to Palacky University to study Environmental protection and creation. After gaining his Master’s degree he worked as zoologist – entomologist for Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic in Olomouc. Currently he works as a teacher at Agricultural School and Higher Professional School in Chrudim teaching specialized environmental subjects. He also teaches Beekeeping, Honey Bee biology, Breeding mother bees and other specialized subjects at Vocational Agricultural School Nasavrky, one of two beekeeping schools in the Czech Republic.

Professionally Dr. Roman Linhart focuses on evolutionary biology of honeybees, sociobiology, eto-ecology, epizootology of bee and bee brood diseases. He cooperates closely with Prof. Vítězslav Bičík and Prof. Jiří Vagera.


1989 graduated from beekeeping vocational school
1993 graduated from high school
1997 obtained bachelor’s degree
1999 obtained master’s degree
2008 obtained RNDr. degree – Doctor of Natural Sciences

Practice in Beekeeping

Beekeeper since 1988
Profesional beekeeper of  agricultural company (with 200 bee colonies) in early 90s
Beekeeping by his own with 40 to 50 bee colonies in last 25 years
Beekeeping researcher for last two decades
Teacher of beekeeping

Selected Research Activities

2007 – The effect of induced changes in sexual asymmetry of honey bees (Apis
mellifera) on swarming behaviour. Biologia 66/3: 535—542, 2011. Section Zoology. Authors:
Linhart, Bičík, Vagera. Based on the research a technology of anti-swarming breeding of drone bees, known as LBV anti-swarming method.

2008 – Theory of Natural Dynamics of Bee Combs, and its application in supressing honeybee diseases and diseases of bee brood. A new system of beekeeping, preventing efficiently American foulbrood disease was based on this research.

2014 – first patent was obtained on the invention of Thermosolar Hive, which
supports the bee colony development and applies thermo-therapeutic method for exterminating Varroa Destructor.

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  1. Hello Roman,

    I,m one of the backers that ordered a hive 8 months ago.
    Now I wonder if everything is going well in order of the delivery witch was promissed for December.
    I have done the drone methode last year, and I just wonder if there is any problem in august when those drones are elimineted in order of the replacement bij worker bees.
    Thanks for your answer.
    PS: I have send severall e-mails already, but get no answer.
    Dirk Jamin

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