Thermosolar Hive™

Thermosolar hive

Thermosolar hive

Treatment of Varroosis is not the only benefit of the thermo-solar hive.

Thanks to utilization of the solar energy the hive

  • saves the honey reserves
  • helps the bees survive winter easily
  • the bee colonies develop much faster in the spring and increase the honey yield

The hive promotes new technology to prevent swarming. The bees do not swarm, do not take away the honey reserves and do not weaken the colony. The time that the beekeeper has to invest into beekeeping decreases radically.

What’s more, the hive technology eliminates the outbreak of American foulbrood from the internal causes. The technology is proved scientifically and practically too. The beekeepers proved it successful.

Thermo-solar hive saves the beekeepers time, makes beekeeping easier, without chemicals and enhances the yield of healthier honey.