From research and experience



A lot of research and testing have been done during last 10 years of Thermosolar Hive™ existence. We have decided to publish the newest results of the research and testing. We will constantly add a new data and evaluation of the research and will inform about experience of the beekeepers.



Within testing of Thermosolar hives in the season of 2015, we focused particularly on the efficiency of thermotherapy compared to chemical drugs. Here are the results: Thermotherapy 2015 (PDF).


Experience of some of the beekeepers and researchers who have tested Thermosolar Hive can be found here: Experience with Thermosolar Hive™ (PDF).


Here are the results of independent research published by a researcher Jindrich Meduna on his website He measured temperatures in common thin walled hive, insulated hive and Thermosolar Hive. These are week results during most of the 2015.  Results show how effective in long time thermal support Thermosolar Hive is. What does it mean? It helps in the winter to save reserves, during spring it supports fast development of the colony resulting in higher honey yield and during summer it slightly rise temperature above normal level which prevents Varroa from reproduction.

Important note: Temperatures were measured in empty hives (without bees)! With colonies present, research would not be objective, because temperatures are influenced by many variables, such as strength of colonies, position of the brood combs, position of the winter cluster etc.

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