LVB technology

New LVB technology has been tested for long time in cooperation with Palacky University Olomouc by the team lead by Prof. Vitezslav Bicik. The development started as a result of research in new anti-swarming methods. The Thermosolar Hive™ utilizes the methods for decreasing the swarming radically. This method has been utilized in Central European countries and proves nearly 100 per cent efficiency (that is complete non-swarming of bee colonies). This research is presented closely in the well-known journal Biologia. What’s more, the technology eliminates the outbreak of American foulbrood from the internal causes. The technology is proved scientifically and practically as well. Thousands of beekeepers proved it successful.

Both anti-swarming methods and prevention of the outbreak of American foulbrood is the idea of Dr. Roman Linhart, inventor of the Thermosolar Hive™.

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