Thermosolar hive

Thermosolar Hive

It eliminates completely the late summer reproduction of the mite called Varroa destructor. After a single application the number of parasites is reduced by at least 80%. That is to say bellow the limit which endangers the colony. After the second application of the warming process of the brood, the mite is exterminated entirely.  The parasite may survive the winter only as solitary phoronts. These may come from the late re-invasions from those beekeepers, who use chemical treatment trying to diminish the Varroa without exterminating the mite, or from those who do not treat at all. Thanks to our technology we get honey and wax without residues of the  pesticides. The risk of the collonies dying out of Varroa dissapears entirely. The hive is apt to exterminate the mites not only under the caps of the brood, but also those that stick on the young bees. The first phoretic mites fall off already when the temperature reaches 38°C.

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  1. It seems here that the “Green House” effect or rather heating up of the environment/hive is actually beneficial for the Bees!

    That is wonderful.

    • Yes, in this way, the Green House effect is beneficial, although it have mostly negative connotations :-).

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